Nail file-                         $10.00

Ear Hair-                        $3.00

Teeth Brushing-              $10.00

Does your furry friend just need a bath!

Most small dogs      (some yorkies and maltese could be less)               $49.50

Most Bichons & Cockers                                                           $54- $59

Mini Doodles                                                                             $58- $69

Standard Doodles and Poodles                                                 $76 up to $150

Other Large Breeds are priced by time at                                $49.50 an hour.

Matted Dogs will cost more to demat based on time.

Shedless treatments (also based on time)                           $25-$35 above bath price.

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Pet Styling

dog grooming near meddog grooming in rogers 

Small dog baths as in short haired chihuahua                                       $24.50

Small dogs as in schnauzers, shih tzu, and poodles                              $28.50+

Boxers and Labs type dogs                                                                      $28-$38

Golden Retrievers and Huskies                                                               $49.50 and up

Newfoundlands and Great Pyrenees                                                       $64 and up

Standard Grooming Prices

Grooming price includes Bath,Groom,Glands,Nail clip, and ear wipe out

Please keep in mind prices may vary according to size, coat type, condition, and behavior.

​​Pet grooming in Rogers       dog grooming near me 


Our services range from a simple nail clip to a full on groom with color and everything in between as in baths, bath with tidy, bath with groom, shedless treatments, shave downs and flea baths. We also do teeth brushing, teeth scaling, and color for those who like to be outside the box.

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pet grooming in rogers dog grooming in rogers pet styling in bentonvillpet styling in bentonvilledog grooming near me 

Pet Grooming in Rogers, pet styling in Bentonville, Lowell, Cave Springs, Springdale, Eureka Springs and all of NWA think  dog grooming near me

Or include all this in a Spa Package for only $14.00 what a deal!!!!

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